Tips and Tricks 4 – Installation Best Practice

Ok Рso I have talked about the consequences of memory conflicts and recognition faults. So how are they to be avoided? Easy, just follow these simple rules:

1. Don’t mix inks from different manufacturers. They will almost always have different capacities and this will confuse the printer. Colours are also formulated to work in sets so if you mix colours from different factories you can get strange results.

2. Ideally you want to start from scratch when you change suppliers. The best way to do this is to follow these steps:

a)  Remove all the old cartridges from the printer (quickly turn them upside down so they do not drip and be careful not to spill the ink)
b) Switch off the printer at the power switch and then unplug it for 2 minutes (no more).
c) Restart your computer.
d) Making sure the cartridge bay door is shut, plug the printer back in and switch it on.
e) Install a completely fresh set of Ink Squid cartridges.

This will start you off with a clean slate, the ink levels will be correct and you will avoid any conflicts that can cause recognition faults.

Happy printing – The Ink Squid

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