Tips and Tricks 7 – The Service Warning!

Most inkjet printers have an internal waste-ink reservoir. Ink is pumped into this reservoir every time you do one of the following:

  • Change a cartridge
  • Clean the heads
  • Turn the printer off and on again

The printer has a built-in clock that estimates when this reservoir is near to full. At this point you will get a warning and not long after your printer will shut down.

In the past it would have been worth getting it serviced but printers are so cheap nowadays that it isn’t worth the money. You can get a new printer for not much more than it would cost to service the old one.

But there is an alternative…

For many models, especially Epsons, you can buy a new reservoir for not much more than £10. All you need to do is intercept the ink lines via the service hatch at the back of the printer and then divert them to the new reservoir. Finally, a nifty bit of software accesses the internal ‘clock’ in the printer and sets the counter back to zero.

Hey presto, you are printing again. If you want any advice about this please call us on 01253 403020. Happy Printing!

The Ink Squid