Move to Bigger Offices

For the second time in 6 months we have had to move to bigger offices!

We haven’t moved far – about 20 feet in fact, just across the corridor. But we now have about 20% extra room, which is enough to allow an extra 2 sets of shelving and we can now move a set of each of the toners in from the warehouse. Most of them will stay where they are but at least we won’t have to run backwards and forwards quite as much.

We are also making the offices more ‘squiddy’. The external windows are being fitted with contra-vision signs by Jo from Divine Signs this week. She did a great job with the signage on the original small office at the front of the building and she also wrapped the ‘Squidmobile’ (the kids love it – the wife hates it!).

Ian from Creative Direction has designed the artwork as always (he is responsible for the car design, my business cards, the website and pretty much anything else artwork-wise). He is also designing some great big ‘end-plates’ that will fit to the shelving in the offices. When  customers come in, rather than see lots of boxes, they will see these fantastic pieces of artwork.

We are also having a squid-clock fitted on the main wall as you come into the offices. And quotes from some our customers are being stencilled on the walls. It should look amazing – and hopefully just in time for when the Lancashire Evening Post comes to take pictures for the upcoming feature on Friday!

The Ink Squid

BIBA’s E-Commerce Business of the Year!!

We are proud to announce that we have just won the coveted e-commerce business of the year in the Lancashire Chamber of Commerce BIBA awards!

The BIBAs were held this year in a huge marquee in Avenham Park and coincided with the Preston Guild Week. Hundreds of businesses entered and over 2,000 people attended the £140-per-seat event. The opera singer Russell Watson provided the entertainment and the  evening was hosted by the X-Factor voice-over man with extra announcements made by The National Lottery’s own Alan Dedicoat – “the voice of the balls”.

We are incredibly proud of this award, not least because we ended up beating some multi-million pound turnover companies in the process. The judges recognised that we had started up in the height of the recession and still managed to grow rapidly across multiple platforms and grow a large customer base that spans the globe.

Here is some of the coverage in the Lancashire Evening Post