Tips and Tricks 1 – blocked print-heads

This is one we come across every day and the most common cause is taking cartridges out of the printer.

At least once a week someone walks into the shop with a bag of ink cartridges asking if we supply them. They have taken them out of the printer and exposed the ink-soaked print-heads to air. Since ink is designed to dry almost instantly, as soon as the head is exposed to air, it starts to dry out.

This is bad news for most printers but particularly so for Epsons. Within a few hours, the heads will be blocked and will need cleaning. If the printer is left like this, the printer will almost always be a write-off within a few days.

The golden rules…?
1. Never ever take the cartridges out of the printer for more than a couple of minutes
2. When a cartridge runs out, replace it straight away

BIBA’s E-Commerce Business of the Year!!

We are proud to announce that we have just won the coveted e-commerce business of the year in the Lancashire Chamber of Commerce BIBA awards!

The BIBAs were held this year in a huge marquee in Avenham Park and coincided with the Preston Guild Week. Hundreds of businesses entered and over 2,000 people attended the ¬£140-per-seat event. The opera singer Russell Watson provided the entertainment and the ¬†evening was hosted by the X-Factor voice-over man with extra announcements made by The National Lottery’s own Alan Dedicoat – “the voice of the balls”.

We are incredibly proud of this award, not least because we ended up beating some multi-million pound turnover companies in the process. The judges recognised that we had started up in the height of the recession and still managed to grow rapidly across multiple platforms and grow a large customer base that spans the globe.

Here is some of the coverage in the Lancashire Evening Post

Launch of the New-Look Ink Squid Site!

Hello all.

Welcome to our new-look site. It has been completely redesigned, making it much easier to navigate and find the cartridges you need. We have also added “Squid-Chat” so if you have any questions you can talk to us in real time!

All the inkjet stock is also fully up to date and our ever-growing range of toners will be added shortly. Photo paper will also be added in the next few days.

We will be starting our newsletter soon which will include special offers for existing customers, new-product launches and tips and tricks that the OEMs would rather you do not know!

If you have any suggestions or if there are any products missing from the site that you would like to see please let us know.

Kind regards, Adrian Meakin
Managing Director