The BIBAs Cocktail Party

We had a really good night at the BIBAs Finalists/Winners Cocktail Party on Thursday.

All the finalists and winners were there to collect their certificates and have more photos taken. I was trying to remember who was who (I was a bit drunk on the big night and everything is a bit fuzzy), but I spotted a familiar face and we got talking.

He told me he had sold his business a few years ago and had been busy as Lancashire’s High Sheriff in 2011/12 as well as being the local Chairman of the Yorkshire Bank and the National Chairman of the British Chambers of Commerce.

I was obviously talking to a very clever chap but I was a little confused about which category he had won the BIBA award in. Had he set up another business after selling out…? No – he had been awarded the title “Prestonian of the Year”!

I knew he looked familiar – It was Peter Mileham. OOPS!

The Ink Squid

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