New Year, new inks

It’s been a while since we’ve written anything here so lets start the new year with an update!

First off, we’d like to welcome Chris to the Ink Squid. As our Techincal Assistant, he will be updating our websites with new ink and toners over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for all our new products.

We have an updated Facebook page and Twitter account so please look them up, add/follow us and look out for offers and product updates.

The office has been officially “Squiddy’d” since the last update and the artwork looks great, although things are getting a little snug again here.

Squiddy shelves

Most importantly:

If we don’t have your ink cartridge/toner listed on our website, then please call us on: 01253 403020, or send us an email: We will almost certainly have it in stock.

The Ink Squid

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